Available dogs

Coco is a year and a half old intact male German Shorthaired Pointer. Coco is an import from Ireland. No papers at this time but pedigree is known. People and dog social. Coco is available as a quick sale due to being gunshy. Good environmentals overall, he still has detection potential for someone that wants to put the time into him. Coco will play and search for a tennis ball and tug. He has only been kennel raised. Clean x-rays. Possibly a good SAR prospect too. Quick sale price $500. Serious inquiries only!

Chase is a year old AKC registerable intact male German Shorthaired Pointer. Chase did not make our detection program due to inconsistent toy drive and preference. He shows good potential for hunting or would also make a great companion. He is social with other dogs and people, but has a great alert bark when people come to the door. Chase was also raised in a foster home, so has lived in a home setting for several months prior to returning to the kennel. Contact for pricing.

Orca is a one year old intact female FCI Dutch Shepherd imported from France. Orca is an excellent bitesport prospect and has the proper papers for competition. She has a suit foundation but should take to sleeve sports with no issue. She is neither handler hard no handler soft. Great drive for ball, tug, and food. Her only downside is occasional issues with surface environmentals (slick floors etc...) which may keep her from doing her best with real world applications. She hasn't shown any issues with external environmentals like noises, mannequins, odd things laying around, climbing, jumping, etc... Orca is priced at $2,500.

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