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Say hello to Orka!

Orka is an almost 3 year old female Springer Spaniel imported from Slovakia. DOB 06.12.19. She was purchased to become a detection dog but can show occasional lack of obsession for a toy. Orka possesses very good hunt drive and could likely work for a variety of different scent venues. She also has very good environmentals and is social with people and dogs. Our reasons for placement is age and her moderate toy drive. With a knowledgeable trainer there should be no reason she can't learn odor.

!PENDING! Asking $800 or open to offers for the right home.

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Meet Bruno!


Bruno is a year old import male GSD.

Bruno would make an excellent "executive" style pet- possible Service Dog potential. Would need to learn OB and house manners. He's a generally well behaved guy with a super temperament so would likely be no challenge to get him to where he needs to be.

Along with his great temperament he posesses good environmentals. He has some drive but not enough for what we want in our detection program. He has potential to do a little bit of everything but won't be an over-the-top type dog.

No issues with people or other dogs (have not had him around small dogs or cats).

X Rays of hips, elbows, and spine available. 

Please contact regarding pricing (not free).


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Stela is a female Malinois imported from Romania.

Date of birth 7.15.20

Stela is a drivey female that is looking for a working or performance home. She could also make a decent active pet for some experienced with the breed or breeds with similar artributes. She will play with tug, ball, or kong. Extensive hunt has been built and she is ready for odor. Stela does have initial surface issues but has the drive to work through it. 

Stela is social with people. Due to her high prey drive I would not recommend her with small dogs and likely no cats. No idea on kids. 

Radiographs of hips, elbows, and spine available.

Make offer.

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The name's Bond.

Bond is a 2 year old male Belgian Malinois (likely working cross) from Romania. DOB 05.10.20. Bond was is training with us for several months where he was presented to Border Patrol and passed their initial selection. He unfortunately did not pass medical selection where the vet recorded a "lesion on the eye". He was later taken to a canine ophthalmologist where he was ultimately diagnosed with a juvenile cataract in his R eye. He will eventually go blind in that eye with age. X Rays available of hips, elbows, and spine.

Bond is available as DONATION to Law Enforcement.


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Ziva is a 6 year old spayed female Dutch Shepherd from our 2015 Kludde x Twixx litter. Ziva sadly came back to us after her owner passed away. She has extensive obedience training and some personal protection style bitework as well. Ziva is a give an inch take a mile type dog and needs a handler that can be consistent in what behaviors are and aren't allowed. She would be best as an only dog but should be able to get along with a friendly and even tempered male dog of similar size or larger. No children. She was raised with her owner's grandchildren and had no issues with them but is not a fan of other kid's coming around "her kids".

I think her best life would be as a "trucker dog" where she could protect her vehicle and be with her owner all the time. 

Ziva's adoption fee is $150.