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French Ring Dutch Shepherd Cup

All breeds welcome at limited entries.
Special placements for Dutch Shepherds.
Handlers must be NARA members in order to compete with the exception of CSAU.

CSAU Specific

Dog must be at least 12 months and presented by it's handler

Set up of the test is at the judges digression.


The purpose of the temperament test is to evaluate the dog's character and stability and the ability of the owner to control his or her dog. The judge will focus on these specific points during the test.

Evaluation of stability and sociability in the presence and absence of the owner.

Heel on leash (pass through a group of people)

Absence of handler (for 30 seconds)

Recall to heel (from a distance of 20 meters)


For further information and to become a NARA member please check out the NARA website below:
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