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Hotels and Lodging

Places to Stay

Jasper has several options for lodging in the area. Please note that dinners will be in Jasper and Canton area. 

NOTE: Mountain Cabins may only list a few miles away but they can end up being very long steep and twisting drives. 10 miles away might end up being a 40 minute drive.

Stays listed in no particular order. Map only lists local hotels. Please use your own due diligence.


There a normally several reasonable AirBnBs in the area. Please check on travel duration to trial field if looking into this option.

Motel 6

Located in Canton roughly 20 minutes from the field. Many competitors have chose to stay here in the past. Reviews have been mixed but recommendations have been to stay on the first floor.


Located in Jasper. Not pet friendly but service dogs welcome for those that have them. Slightly outdated but clean.

Country Inn & Suites

Located in Canton. Pet Friendly with fee. Please contact hotel for more info.

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