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Dutch Shepherd Triple Crown

WDSAA IGP Nationals - NARA French Ring Dutch Shepherd Cup - ADSA Conformation

Enter all three events for a chance at being crowned the Triple Crown Champion.

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Triple Crown Championship

Entering all three disciplines (IGP, French Ring, and Conformation) and receiving an excellent or passing rating will qualify your dog with a Triple Crown Certificate of Achievement. 

Once entered, points will be added up and the winners will be crowned Triple Crown Champion and Triple Crown Vice Champion.


- Entries CLOSE August 28th -

Conformation entries will need to be sent to American Dutch Shepherd Association HERE

  • How do I qualify for the Triple Crown?
    Dog and handler teams that receive an excellent or passing rating in an IGP event, French ring event, and conformation event (either AKC and/or the FCI style event) will be qualified. You must have valid scorebook(s) and memberships for each discipline.
  • I want to try for the Triple Crown but my dog doesn't do bitework, what can I do?
    Both IGP and French offer non-biting options. IGP offers several different disciplines that do not have bitework components. Your dog must have a BH temperament test in order to partake in those events. If your dog does not have a BH it is a great starting point. Please refer to the IGP rulebook for specifics. French Ring offers a simple temperament test called a CSAU. It is very similar to an AKC Canine Good Citizen. This test will qualify as partaking in a FR event.
  • What is the points spread for the Triple Crown Champion and the Triple Crown Vice Champion?
    BH - 0 IGP1 - 10 IGP2 - 15 IGP3 - 20 -High BH +5 -Vice Champion +3 -National Champion +5 CSAU - 0 Brevet - 5 FR1 - 10 FR2 - 15 FR3 - 20 -High Brevet +3 -Vice Champion +3 -National Champion +5 (Highest points earned from only one conformation show) Conformation Entry - 0 Class Reserve - 5 Class Win - 10 Best Dog/Best Bitch - 15 Best of Variety - 15 (Sweepstakes) -RBISS +3 -BISS +5 Points are accumulative. In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen based on the dog and handler that placed highest in their specified event. For example, the dog that took National Champion over the dog that took Vice Champion. RBISS and BISS will be considered as the same placements as Vice Champion and National Champion.
  • What scorebooks and memberships do I need to make my entries valid?
    IGP - You must be a current WDSAA member or a member of another AWDF member club. You must also have a WDSAA scorebook or scorebook issued from another AWDF member club. NARA membership and scorebooks are NOT recognized. French Ring - *CSAU specific* you do NOT need to be a NARA member or have an AWDF or NARA scorebook for CSAU ONLY. Entries Brevet and above must have NARA membership and either a NARA or AWDF member club scorebook. There is an extra $10 fee on the CSAU for non-NARA members. AKC Conformation - Your dog must have valid AKC Registration in order to enter. Non-Sanctioned Conformation - This event is open to all brindle Dutch Shepherd Dogs. Please refer to the FCI standard. There will be a separate class for unregistered dogs.
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